NaPoWriMo 2016: day twenty-two


Day twenty-two!

Today is Earth Day (as is every day, since we would have no life without this planet we live on) and many of you [in the group I ran three years ago] may still be trying to catch up with some of last week's prompts.

So today, a prompt that will go with your other prompts (you can combine them). A catch-up. And a reminder that we're not perfect, we're human and it is ok if we fall behind.

And also: habits take about twenty-one days to form, so it isn't any wonder we'd all be having a harder time around now. Keep going. Your habit forming doesn't reset to day one. You are not as behind as you think you are. Start where you are.

Today's prompt is stylistic, writing an imitation poem or an ode to a specific poet.

And for today's poets, I have chosen the "aunt and uncle of American poetry" Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman.

At each link is a bio, if you click the tab that says "poems articles and more" it will take you to a list of their poems on that website. Walt and Emily are two of the few poets whose complete works I own. They are truly my poetic ancestors and I owe a great deal to them both.

Their poetry styles are very different (Emily was terse and "slant," Walt was effusive and "unnerving,") so you can either write an ode or imitation to only one of them OR... write a hybrid ode or imitation that is half Walt, half Emily. (Intriguing!)

Here's a stylistic ode to Emily Dickinson I found, which also claims to be an anagram of several of her poems.

And here is Pablo Neruda's "Ode to Walt Whitman"in English (and here's the original Spanish).

You could also choose a different poet to write an ode to (or imitation of) if Walt and Emily don't sing to you. Or you could write an Earth Day poem.

Start where you are and write what needs to be written. Right/write now.

Happy poeming!