NaPoWriMo: day three


Day three!

Today's prompt is a word gathering.

It's simple:

Find a word source.

Cut out or highlight (or write down, if you're using an online word source or a book you don't want to destroy) words that leap out at you. Gather as many strong, unique words as possible. (You can keep the ones you don't use for inspiration later!)

Assemble them into a (found) poem. Rearrange as desired.

* If you have a magnetic poetry kit, this prompt will be familiar (and you can use your set to create today's poem!). You can even make your own magnetic poetry set, using words cut out and glued onto magnetic backs (the large flexible magnets that law/ dental offices send in the mail are really good for this craft).

* There is a wealth of examples (and variations on Found Poetry prompts) at this online journal: The Found Poetry Review.

* If you like making collages, you can take this prompt and run with it, adding words and images together to create a hybrid photo-poem.

* This is an especially fun prompt to do with kids!

* Dogs and cats may not dig it as much, although cats always seem to want to get involved with paper crafts, in my experience...

* You can make as many poems as you want with this prompt, until you are happy with the result. There are no rules (though you can set your own rules)!

Remember - you can use this prompt today or any day during the month (or after). Prompts are always optional!

Happy poeming!