the adventure of failure

April was fairly intense around here. While I was running prompts for NaPoWriMo, behind the scenes, life was a roller coaster of highs and lows.

(Most of which is on my insta/tumblr/Facebook stream.)

Probably the biggest high and low were when I took Remy camping as a beta test for our epic summer road trip. It was a failure. By which I mean, the second night I wound up waking Remy up, leaving our gear behind and taking him to a hotel. It was just too cold for the three season tent I'd bought. Which wouldn't have any impact on our summer travels, except we also discovered that camping doesn't really suit us.

(The awesome receptionist at the first hotel we tried called four or five different hotels to find one that had a room for us. At two am. I am grateful for her kindness.)

Despite camping being a failure, the one night and day we were out there was nice. Relaxing. Fun. Calm. I love watching the trees sway in the wind.

Still, it was definitely not worth the asthma attack I got the next day while I was packing up the tent. So much dust. I'd forgotten about the dust. And how long packing up takes. And the lack of sleep because once I woke up to pee after sunrise, the light kept me from going back to sleep. (I had an eye mask, but I can't keep that on all the way to the bathroom!)

And this is why we beta tested the idea. Failure teaches us. We learned from our adventure. We had fun, I took some benadryl, it was fine. Everything is a learning experience. Now we know.

(I'm a big deal of having exit strategies and back up plans. I knew where the hotels were near us. I knew when to call it done, that my attempts to insulate the tent weren't working. I trust my instincts.)

We'll do hotels/Airbnb on our epic road trip, when we're not staying with friends/ family. I'm happy we tried camping. I'm happy we won't be camping again*.

I admit I was pondering whether to cancel the road trip part of our adventure entirely. I even priced multiple stop plane tickets. But by driving, we'll see more people. We'll be able to do more. We'll undoubtedly have difficult days. But we'll have fun, too.

Life is a big adventure. We fail, we succeed. Sometimes both, all at once. Back up plans are good. We'll continue learning from our failures. That's what we do.

We adventure.

We live.


* REI and amazon have great return policies, for which I'm grateful. Yesterday UPS picked up the tent and self inflating queen sized air mattress. Picked them up! At my house! Yeah, that was cool.