when there isn't an app for that

This weekend, I made a tech decision that I'd been mulling over (and researching) for awhile. 

Both my desktop and my iPad mini are showing signs of age. Slowness. Freezing. Lag. Occasional glitches. M and I had been talking about replacing the desktop with a laptop, but then I tried out an iPad Pro 9.7 at Costco and felt that it might work really well as a solution. I was also looking at the Surface Pro 4 and a few different laptops/ convertibles. 

But my photography work flow relies on apps I can only get on iOS. 

(TinType, Waterlogue, iColorama, Diana, these are a few of my favorite things.)

So I went with my gut and got an iPad pro 9.7. 

There were easy solutions to the obvious problems:

* I'd need to add a keyboard. So I looked into various options and picked a Bluetooth keyboard that I'm actually typing on using right now. 

* Photo storage: my desktop's primary job was hosting the bulk of my digital photography. With a TB of disc space, I had plenty of room. I'm also backed up in the Cloud and to a backup hard drive. I believe in the rule of three. 

So, if I were to take the desktop out of the equation, I would need another hard drive. And I believe I found just the right one in the WD WiFi Passport. I also made sure to get an iPad that had plenty of memory for recent photos. 

My new shiny iPad arrived yesterday. It's amazing. The screen blows me away. The true colors and night shift are top notch stuff. I downloaded apps, hooked up the keyboard and got to work. 

But then I hit a snag. It's not an insurmountable snag, but it was one I hadn't seen coming. 

You see, there's a reason why the saying, "I bet there's an app for that" is so popular - there usually IS an app for whatever you need to do, on an iPad. 

Ah, but Google has made things difficult (or Apple has) and I realized today that my favorite blogging (blogsy) app was not only no longer being supported, it had also been removed from the app store entirely!


I tried a few substitute apps this afternoon, which was mostly just frustrating. 

So now I'm typing this in Chrome. And that will probably be the best solution. For now, at least. 

I'll keep an eye on it. 

(If only there was an app for that!)