days of summer


I'm not sure yet how much I'm going to be blogging from the road this summer. 

Words will be written, but in the midst of the trip, I'll probably keep the majority of my updates to Facebook (with photos on instagram and tumblr). I like having them in one (slightly more private) place. In addition, I am keeping a journal, just for myself, on the Boogie Board Synch I got last year. Morning pages are good. 

And yet. Here I am blogging in the midst of a thunderstorm, at the end of a tiring day. 

I made some rookie mistakes today (letting my gps tell me what to do, when I knew better). I saw some beautiful fields that I couldn't take photos of, because I was driving. 

And the mistakes brought me here, to this modern hotel in the middle of a thunderstorm. 

So, mistakes or not, today was fine. Beautiful. Chaotic. Difficult and easy, in turns. 

I love this thunder. I love this lightening. I love this rain. But these storms also cause heartache. 

And so I keep writing in the midst of it, world without end, until I can write no more. 

(Or a break needs to happen.)

Because in me, my world view has a voice.