nourishing adventure


The spirit of adventure is strong in me, in my family. 

It doesn't take the form of other people's adventures, sure, but it's our own, our unique adventure style. 

We're not walking The Way or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. We're not going to Antarctica. Or even Peru (though that's possibly next on our bucket list).


This summer is our big cross country road trip. 

It's gonna be a blast. 

And there will undoubtedly be moments that suck. 

(Not too bad, g-d willing.)

I'm in full prep mode this week. We leave in ten days. Eeep! 

(And I'm still shell shocked. Yet, even in shock, life moves on, until it doesn't. And how my heart grieves those for whom time has stopped.)

I'm taking a leap into the river of adventure, with this trip. 

(Being the solo driver for such a long trip is new to me - the longest I've done that before is from Seattle to California.)

Taking leaps is what we do. Is what I do.