poeming on a theme: summer of yes


summer of yes 

blue sky, green leaves, wispy clouds: yes. 
gray sky, yellow leaves, roiling clouds: yes.
translucent pink sky, no leaves, absent clouds: yes.
night sky, unseen leaves, faraway stars: yes. 


My love affair with summer reignited this week. 

We had a relatively easy winter this year, followed by a strangely northwestern spring that was gray and rainy and chilly, even as the flowers bloomed early. 

My family went away for a week in the middle of that long chill gray and then about a week or so after we returned, summer busy upon us with a heat wave. 

(We haven't installed our window a/c units, so sleeping in the night heart was a little tricky - we managed using the regular fans and I employed my "wet sarong" trick.)

Then the remnants of a tropical storm passed us by (a little light rain) and now, on my goodness, the most glorious of all summer weather is upon us. 

I feel my body opening up, like a sunflower, to the yes of this warmth. 

It's no longer so hot that sleeping is difficult. 

And it's not chilly in the slightest. 

This is my "just right."

And I know, yes, that it won't last. (Everything changes.) And this is OK. This is what is. 

Right now, my whole body says yes. I feel an expansive openness, inside and out. 

As it gets hotter, I'll keep blooming. My body loves this heat. (But does need help cooling down to sleep.)

And then, when the seasons shift and the cool sets in, and then winter (may it be easy, may it be gentle) I'll hold on to my inner yes, even as my body pulls inward, like those sunflowers after the sun has set.  

The sun comes out again. The seasons shift again. 

Each in turn, returns and returns. 

Ebb and flow. 

This is life, as it is.