upside down

I'm feeling shell shocked today. 

Upside down. 

Pride month is usually a celebration of how very far we've come. 

But this weekend, tragedy. A reminder of how we're still hated. Still feared. Still scapegoats for the fragility of those who cannot let love win. Still murdered, for loving who we love, for being who we are. 

The world upside down: violence taking the lives of people celebrating in the sanctuary of dance. 

As one who has had a gun held to my head, the horror is too real. 

As a gender fluid person who is also fluid sexually (I've been out as bisexual since I was a teenager), the violence is too close to home. 

So today, gentleness. 


Reminding myself that love wins. 

And buying a pink rainbow shirt, to show that I won't let the hate kill me. 

Because love.