writing it through/ writing through it


I'm finding myself in the weird position (yet again) of feeling great but having little to share here. Except there's so much to share that I think I just don't know where to start. 

(Finishing up the wrap ups of our Disney World/ Universal Studios adventures? Yes. But I also want to get back to daily blogging.)

And I'm also getting towards the end of my re-read of /first time listening to The Mallorean series. The first half of the story arc, The Belgariad, was a great listen, but took me a little while to get through. Whereas with the Mallorean, I'm finding myself riveted, listening all the time. Including time I could be writing. 

But even that's not why I'm writing. 

I'm questioning myself again, truth be told. 

Not questioning the writing, per say. But questioning the why. Or the how. Maybe the when. 

I'm not sure, exactly. 

I'll keep writing, though. Writing through it and writing it through. 

Writing it out. Every day.