summer adventures - there (and almost back) again


It's been seven weeks since the epic road trip of this summer began. Seven weeks on the road, so far. Seven long weeks. And we have (g-d willing), one more week to go. 

We've stayed with people along the way (a week here, four days there, a little over two weeks in northern California where M flew out to join us), so it hasn't been constant driving,  but it's been a long road trip and I'm ready to get home. Ready to be home, with my husband, again. 

Being on the road has been amazing. I'm really glad we did it this summer. And I'm really glad I'm 7/8 of the way done. 

Next week, my own bed. 

Next week, my own couch. 

Next week, my own kitchen. 

Next week, a(nother) reunion with my love.