September was about needing time and space and letting myself decompress. 

R has started a new school, which is absolutely wonderful. It's also a complete paradigm shift, so we've had a few transition challenges, but overall we're confident in this new choice. 

It's so amazing to feel comfortable with where he is during the day again. I'd forgotten that feeling. (Last year was especially rough at his last school.)

And yet, it's still a paradigm shift. And it's difficult to prepare for just how cataclysmic those can be. Even when the cataclysm itself is the best possible thing in the universe. 

(There was absolutely no part of me that wanted to keep trying to make R fit into the public school he was in. As much as we loved his teacher last year - and she was great - the class dynamic was not working for him. And we were warned at his IEP last year that it would likely get worse, as class sizes were expected to increase.) 

So we leapt. We found a school that was a better fit for him (and for our family) and is close enough that we could easily get there every day. (It's about a ten minute drive.)

And yet, even knowing that we couldn't continue down the same path (without serious consequences) and that the new school would likely be a much better fit, going into the unknown of a completely new (private) school is challenging. And exciting. And scary. And fun. All at once. 

And challenging. Did I mention challenging?


In our brainstorming ways to stay a one car family (utilizing uber, etc) we seem to have overlooked the difficulty of M getting him to school in the morning with one car. I think we were thinking M would be able to return the car to the house in the morning, before continuing to work on his motorcycle, but that was cutting it too close with his current schedule. Instead, I woke up to take him in for the first week and a half and then last week we ended up renting a car so I could sleep in on the mornings again. 

And then Saturday, we bought a car. 

(A little two door Mini Cooper, because we love our four door Mini Cooper Countryman so much.)

I spent most of last week researching this new (to us) purchase. Finding the right car. Making the choice between several options. Weighing possibilities. 

Having only one car was working for us before, but then it stopped working, so we got a new car. 

Maybe later we'll be able to go back to having one car again. 

We'll see. 

Right now, we've changed what needed to be changed.