settling in to write


Since we got back, last month, I have been thinking about returning to my regular blogging schedule, but it never happened. Until today. Which is the second day back to school for Remy. 

And that makes sense to me. A lot of sense. Blogging (writing in a longer format than poeming on instagram or updating Facebook) takes more of my concentration. More intention. More me time. 

Still. I feel guilty when I ignore this space too long. Even if I'm holding down the social media fort. And that also makes sense. This space is more for myself, more for my archives. More of a long term commitment. 

And that's why having that alone time is necessary. 

Taking the summer off worked out well. We had an amazing road trip. I have stories percolating, stories to share. Heck, I still probably have some blogs to write about last spring! And oh my goodness, I am excited to write it all down. 

But first, let me settle back in to writing. Return to the blank page. Get back into the habit of every day writing, so that it is easier to write what needs to be written. 


There aren't any rules. 

There aren't any shoulds. 

There is what I need and what I want and the clarity of knowing the difference (and the sameness). 

And there is the practice of habit forming that I already know how to implement from years of experience. 

This is my practice. 

This is my life. 

This is me.