Leg four of our summer road trip: Denver to NJ


Home again home again, jiggity jig. 

Yes, every single time we return from vacation, that's what goes through my head. Sigh.


This was the last (and longest, distance wise, I think) leg of our epic summer road trip. I would have split it into smaller bits for this review, but it really didn't make sense. 

This last bit was basically going home and seeing the people we needed to see on the way home. Full. Stop. 

B lives in Kansas now, so we stopped and stayed with her for a long weekend. 

My BIL and his wife live outside Chitown, so we went there for a very short visit. 

My step-MIL's mom (who is awesome) lives in OH, so we overnighted with her. 

And then I finally (finally!!) got to meet my Souster H. 

(OMG Squee!)


My discontent (missing home, missing M, PMS, needing actual alone time, whatever) was at its worst on this leg. I was likely an awful guest as a result, or at least, not up to my usual cheerful standards. Ugh. I did my best. Not that that's any excuse. 

Also by this point I had pretty much stopped using my interchangeable lens camera and was solely iphone. (See: discontent.) And I don't think I got a single barn photo of the Midwest, which is fairly bizarre. I was basically focused on seeing people and getting home in the shortest amount of time possible. Because we missed M. 


And then we arrived home, feeling all done with road trips. 

And then two months later, I said (to M): what about road tripping through South America? 

And he said, "that sounds fun!" And I totally think it does too! 

(We'll see what R thinks, if we decide that it's something we can actually do. lol)


One thing I know: never judge a journey by the last days before you reach home. 

Missing home is always a thing, right before the end. 

Whether you're gone for ten days, or fifty six. 

That's what makes return flights seem so much longer. 

Anyway, that's my experience at least. 


And that's also why that first few nights home, after a vacation, is so special. 

We savor what we miss. 

I'm glad I had the chance to miss home this summer. 

It really was an amazing (epic!!!!) road trip.