my new (prayer) shawl


It's winter and with the cold comes my need to find warmth and coziness. 

I spent some gift money on a new wool ruana (shawl). I found a tartan in the "world peace" way, which is gorgeous colors, very me feeling. A baby blue base (which used to be my favorite color as a child and incidentally was also M's) and purple, green, red, black and white stripes. All the colors of my family, including Remy's current and past colors (and white for the waterbabies and our beloved deceased pets). 

I feel wrapped up in love, in this warm wool shawl. 

Remy misunderstood my telling him it was a Hanukkah gift and thought I meant it was a prayer shawl. I had to explain that it technically isn't (no tzitzit*), but I realized later that that's not quite the full story. Sure, this shawl might be meant just for keeping me warm during winter, but the symbolism of the colors represents the prayer that is always in my heart. The prayer of peace, of love and the mending of this broken world. 


I could add tzitzit to make it a "real" prayer shawl, but if I do that, I couldn't wear it at night (except on Kol Nidre). And that would fully defeat the purpose, because it gets dark early in the winter!