corpractic fascism


three days in and he's doing (or trying to do) everything he's said he would. 

three days in and he's doing more - all the things they've threatened for years. gag orders. eliminating science. killing undesirables (in the form of taking away their health care and reproductive choices and increasing police 'response' to art risk communities). building terrible pipelines that will contaminate all our water, except those rich enough to be able to import it in from the Alps. or Fiji. 

three days in and he's still lying about how Mexico will pay for that wall, how illegal immigrants voted for Hillary, how many countable people were at his inauguration. how it's us so called elitist liberals that are snowflakes, when clearly he's the most elitist snowflake that ever there has been. 

and all this lying doesn't matter to his supporters? 

and our biggest hope is supposed to be that the rest of his supposed party will wise up and impeach him?


they got exactly what they wanted. 

maybe they would have preferred a less volatile tweeter. a kinder, friendlier face to distract us as they fucked us over. 

but no. us being so incensed over his careless brutality and offhand lying is enough of a distraction for now. they hardly even need a distraction anyway, by the law of the land, they got exactly what they wanted, they got total control. 

checks and balances? nope. they running this. control of all three branches. 

and  they're doing everything they wanted to do and more and they can't even see how they're fucking themselves over, too. 

this one planet we get, somehow they think they're better than that. that they're untouchable, when the waters rise and the earthquakes and the tsunami and the droughts and the tornadoes. 

(or the nuclear war this fuck head's going to start because he can't deal with not making money in taipei.)

they're so busy fucking over the people of color and the immigrants and the muslims and the trans folk and the working class and the children. 

(but not the fetuses! protect the fetuses at all cost!)

making themselves richer. 

making themselves the master class/race they know themselves to be. 

(the leadership class.)

fucking you over, who voted for him thinking this would be the great change that would keep you safe from all the bad shit  that's been happening in the world. 

and now it's only going to get worse. 

we were never human to them. none of us. 

no one but themselves. 

they really are nazis.