my word for 2017



usually I pick a word nearer to my birthday - but in December I was still feeling hopeless and numb. 

I wanted an inspiring word. I thought about picking inspiring, or encouraging. but they didn't feel just right. I didn't feel encouraging or inspiring at all. I felt lost. 

today we saw Rogue One for the second time (the first time since Carrie Fischer died) and I was suddenly filled with an absolutely out of the blue hope. 

and that's what I need most this year, right now. hope. not the hope of someone to save me (or the rebellion) but the hope of taking life up, of being all in. of knowing that life continues. spring comes. we are stardust.  

and so, I'm putting this word front and center. 

this is not passive, this hope. this isn't a wish. 

this is active. this is putting it all on the line. making the world better. making my life better. healing social injustice as best as I can. tikkun olam. doing the work to get there. together. 

finding, making, being my own hope.