this week (rainbows)


When we finished painting the living room last month, we took down the outdated blinds that a previous  owner had purchased. They were most definitely not our style, but moreover, since I'm at home (and mostly in the living room) during the day, I wanted to maximize the light. And yet, bring some privacy to the space. 

We tried installing new, minimalistic cellular shades, but we couldn't get it to work and wow, when they said "blackout," they really meant it. Too dark. 

So I decided to try installing window film. M liked the one I picked (I'd been looking at it for my office, awhile back, but decided against it). Yadayadayada, I finally got around to finishing it up last night. 

And. It's. So. Gorgeous. 

It's not a "lalala, prance naked around the house" privacy level, but it blurs things. 

And oh, my goodness, having rainbows dancing around the room is making me swoon.

So fancy!