yes we can: rise up


I was listening to the Krishna Das station on Pandora earlier today (kirtan is so calming) and brother Iz comes on with "Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World" and my son R came in and started singing along with me. 

And oh. My heart. 

How much I needed that burst of joy today.

He went to play at our neighbors house for awhile and I spent most of that time tuning and playing my autoharp. It had been a long while. A very long while. 

Music, art, dance, poetry - this is how I as an artist, rise. 

Once upon a time, when I was in grad school (for all of two semesters), we had a seminar in our postmodernism class where a fellow student tried to convince everyone that the arts were extraneous. Not a vibrant, crucial aspect of the Revolution, but puerile and bourgeois. 

And I vehemently objected, and still object. 

It isn't that art can't be puerile and bourgeois (just look at the television show our not-so-artistic president was on). But the best art - the art that truly explodes into our veins - is personal and political and that is truly inspirational. 

(We liberals are looking to our fantasy right now. Star Wars. Harry Potter. I even saw Game of Thrones referenced today.)

And if there's one thing I know it's that artists will respond. 

That's how we rise. 

We create. 

And the truth is, I don't think any of us aren't artists. Not really. Not at our hearts. 

(Even con artists are good at the game of lies.)

So practice the art you love. The art that inspires you to rise up, stronger and happier and more empathetic. 

If you're not painting, you're writing. If you're not writing you're sharing snippets of your beautiful day. If you're not sharing snippets, you're cooking with love. Feeding the ones who are marching. Knitting them pussy hats. Creating human beings who know that love is worth fighting for. 

Do what you do. 

Hate won't win, in the end. 

Hate won't win, because love is creative and connective. 

Love will mend this broken world. 

One song at a time.