the #beyourownbeloved prompt was 'today.'

and today was... not much. 

feeling low, but not letting being low mean beating up (more) on myself 

feeling finally like I could make a tech decision, at last 

(I bought a printer. it's the little things.)

finally getting enough sleep. 

(but bad dreams.)

an out of the blue offering from a kind friend. 

sitting on the couch with my beloved M, faux braiding his hair. 

sitting on the couch earlier with rem as he plays guitar for me (he usually makes me leave the room now when he practices)

the ongoing drama of horror that is our national regime. 

making a pie, just because. 


maybe finding a realtor. 

feeling so incredibly lucky. 

drawing a hot bath and using the penultimate bit of my favorite lush bomb, so I probably need to go to the mall soon. 

making a third eye portrait that isn't perfect but... it'll do. 

because that's today. februfuckingary. 


spring is coming.