round three (smudge art poeming, same page)




This is round three of this particular page's blackout (or smudge) poeming. 

I'm not sure if I've done this before (taken one source and made multiple blackout or smudge poems from it) but I like this idea enough that I may turn it into a project. 

We shall see. 


April is coming up fast, and with it, NaPoWriMo  I'll be participating for my (I think) 7th year in a row. I hope you'll join us - poeming is for everyone!

There's free daily prompts in many, many places online (too many to link to, honestly, but a search for mine will take you here) and some books you can purchase - Words Dance is run by a friend and has two editions of prompts that I know of, here's volume one) and at least one guided group happening (this one led by Amy, aka Mama Scout, who is also a friend). 

I'm excited and I hope you are too, whether you decide to poem it out yourself, or just read as many poems as you can. Enjoy!

* Oooh, they've even gotten awesome and started calling it GloPoWriMo (Global, instead of National): yay!