unfiltered (lex)


I'm feeling worn down and hopeful. Tired and strong. Sad and wondrous. Unclear and clear. 

The human condition. 

Ebb and flow. 

Hot flash. Followed by cold. 

Hours of researching new cameras just to realize that changing the video format allows my iPad to download videos. (Research pays off! I didn't actually want a new camera/ system, just a way to get videos to upload.)

And so it goes. 

I'm here. In this moment, writing as I wait for the bath to fill. 

In this month as I wait for spring to really hit. 

In this year as I wait to see whether or not we sell this house. 

In this decade as I wait to see - ugh, let's not. 

Let's just be here, now. 

All those other heres will happen, eventually. 

Plenty of time to be here now.