We did it - called a real estate agent and made an appointment. Selling our house, commencing. 

We met our potential agent tomorrow and show them around the house, so I've been cleaning up the last big messes of Remy. We finished his today, mostly. So there's no more procrastinating - mine is the only mess left.  

Right now, it's confined to one room. My (hahaha, nope) office. Lately I've been calling it, the room of requirement, ala Harry Potter. The description is apt. There's so much stuff, spread out on the guest bed, the floor and then in the closet and armoire. Some of it is useful, but more of it is just stuff I haven't gotten around to giving away. Or putting in a better spot. 

And I have this feeling we'll be staging this room as our master bedroom. 

(Because of that closet space.)

Which means it needs to get completely cleaned out. And probably painted. 

(And we need to finish painting the trims and the sun room and maybe the dining room.)

Wait, breathe - that comes later. That's staging. Tomorrow is the only day a walk through, looking for what needs to be worked on, day. We'll make a list together and hopefully the agent will have good ideas about when to sell in relation to the house being (omg, so slowly) flipped next door and what our asking price might be and... Yeah. 

First things first. 

Clean the room of requirement. 

Poem it out tonight. 

Bathrooms, vacuuming, kitchen (just regular upkeep cleaning) tomorrow. 

It doesn't need to look staged yet (it isn't). Just nice enough to want to stage. To want to help us sell. 

Yes. Please. Thank you.