being (in the mess)

we're just starting to get to the stage of getting our house ready to sell where there's more mess than not mess.

(and it will get messier from here.)

and admittedly that's hard for me.

I like my mess in a separate area - like my office. or the basement/ attic. and I like my mess to be fun and creative and colorful, not random tools and so many boxes and overturned sofas.

(the sofa fits in the room where it's temporarily residing better that way.)

but this is where we are. things have to get messy, to get done.

(I've done this before. I got through it then. and with a four year old!)

so I'm practicing. practicing be-ing in the mess.

I may not have fully embraced it (outside of a few areas that I can walk away from) but I can practice being in it.

and that's helping, today.

(I can't speak to tomorrow yet.)