crunch time starts now(ish)

it was a house heavy weekend. we met with another set of agents (and the first ones) and picked the new ones bc they have a better vision of who our house will sell to. (plus, protip: if you say you're going to call, call!)

we made a master plan of stuff that needs to be done.

it included mostly things we will not do ourselves, but need to pay to get done. but there's a lot for us to do. a lot of cleaning and packing and moving and landscaping and (unless we pay someone else to do it) painting. oy.

we'll put a time line in place soon. there's another meeting tomorrow to go over details.

it's a lot. and it brings up a lot of emotional stuff. house stuff is emotional. this weekend wasn't fun. it wasn't restful and I found myself wondering if we'd made the right decision, to sell now.

and I know we have. it's going to be a lot of hard work. a lot of this process will suck.

and it's going to be OK. we've done this before.

(in way harder circumstances.)

let this remind me, when it seems too hard. keep going. you've got this.

keep going.

I've got this.