yesterday we made that very big leap. 

(well, put in our application. I suppose it isn't final till it's final. still. it feels done.)

we saw 4.75 places (.5 because at one complex, we saw one apt that wouldn't have worked for us and then one that would have, and .25 because we went to another complex where we decided not to wait for our tour because the location was too awful).  

in the end, we all liked the one with the amazing location that had a deal breaker (no laundry in the unit) but since the deal breaker was really a deal breaker, we picked our runner up. 

(we move in in late June. so we still need to hotel it for a week or two while our house shows itself. but we can do that. it's probably easier to take a break and not force ourselves to deal with moving on top of all this staging stress, but I'm still a little bummed it didn't work out to move immediately. c'est la vie.)

today we continued fixing/ packing up. I packed up the downstairs bathroom and M and R took out the shower upstairs. We'll paint in there tomorrow and then our handyman will install the new shower Tuesday. 

it's coming together. 

keep going.