painting on R's 11th birthday

we painted the sun room today.

(oh how a freshly painted room sparkles!)

we used the same color as the living room (and hall): silver strand. I love this color because it changes depending on the light. it makes the sun room feel light and airy, just like it should feel.

(And makes me wonder, why oh why would anyone have painted a SUN ROOM dark burgundy? I do not understand that color choice at all.)

we got a late start, so even with help (thank you J and A!) we only got the one room finished. but the one room looks very nice. tomorrow I'll take down the tape and start staging it.

(yay, so exciting!)

next up in painting will be the dining room and then my office/ the guest room. I'm still debating whether other rooms (kitchen I'm looking at you) need doing, but we'll figure it out after the rooms that have to get done are finished.

(there's still do much to be done. I think we're on schedule, but it feels like a lot, still.)

so yes, we spent today  - which was R's birthday and mother's day - painting. we celebrated R's birthday yesterday with two of his very good friends and today was low key and practical and just right for us. I'm not the biggest fan of the hallmark holidays, but R was born on mother's day and so it is our "special mom son day" as he put it. I have so many friends for whom this day is hard. I see you. I hear you. I love you. I do want to give a special shout out to my mom, who called right as we began painting. love you! happy day, mama. happy day.

(and happy birthday to my beautiful R. thank you for being born. thank you for being. I love you. oh how I love you.)