poeming in the aftermath of presidential sketchiness

Call everyone. Tell them black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, bodies are not gross, water is life. Tell them corporations are not people.

Tell them about the workers who may have been radiated bc of nuclear waste.

Tell them about the boys who couldn't play cops and robbers bc that ish is too real where they live. (Tell them about the boys who have died.)

Tell them about your day.

Tell them how you couldn't get the baby to sleep because the nightmares keep you up. Tell them how the baby died. Or was never born. Tell them all about your preexisting conditions.

Tell them that the president can't fire someone who is investigating his possible treason without it looking real sketchy.

Tell them we remember.

Tell them the president is a problem.

Tell then we're the solution - we're numbers. And voters. And we are human beings who care.

Tell them we care.

Call everyone.

Call everyone.

Call everyone.