poeming on a long, tired day, in parenthetical lines, because exhaustion

(not nearly enough sleep last night)
(and my eyes itch like whoa)
(and a myriad of house shit to deal with)
(and it was 92 degrees today and we didn't put the living room a/c in yet)
(and it was a late night for M)
(and we sat in R's room with a broken a/c for two hours, sweating)
(and M fixed it in ten minutes, but now R can't get to sleep.)
(and I'm done but I still have to sit here.)
(and it's almost eleven.)
(and R isn't asleep.)
(and M is finally putting the a/c in our bedroom.)
(and I want a bath. and ice water. and cold white wine.)
(and to be asleep thirty minutes ago.)
(and impeachment.)