slogging through

[Cross prayed from FB for posterity.]

I'm now maybe half way (2/3s!) through cleaning out/ packing up my room of doom,  aka my "office" aka the guest bedroom, aka the room of requirement aka the room I put all my junk in. 

(Aka what we'll probably stage as our master bedroom?)

And I got so sweaty I had to take a break. 

(There's no a/c in that room yet. We'll put in one of the window units later.)

This is A Lot of Work. 

What is getting me through this is the thought of being on the other side of it - moving to a new place that serves us all better. 

And a lot of "one foot in front of another/ be here  in this moment." 

And this moment is dusty and sweaty and messy and bringing up all sorts of emotional baggage (why didn't I kon-mari this room??? I meant to!) and I'm having to take a lot of meds to breathe. It isn't fun. But it is worthwhile. 

(Note to self: get rid of stuff that collects dust! Future you will thank you!)

We'll probably tackle the basement this weekend (future self, wear a dust mask!) and there's still a lot of painting (for next weekend?). And the outside. Ugh. Not going to think about it right now. 

One foot in front of the other. Put on some music and get back to work.