the messy inbetween

today I'm cleaning out closets and shelves.

(the above waterlogue is the front coat closet, in the middle of being cleaned out. cleaning is messy work! it's finished now, as you can see in the next waterlogue.)

I'm decluttering and starting to pack up.

only the absolute essential is staying in our living space.

(house staging means living even more minimalist than normal. plus, winter is over. those coats can go to the basement.)

eventually, some of the furniture will get packed away (we'll use our garage). or moved around. instead of furniture placement to please ourselves, we'll do furniture placement to maximize space and accentuate the positives of the house.

(and taking down the projector means we won't need the

even Remy is joining in - packing most of his lego away, paring down to the bare necessities.

I ended on books - some were easy. graphic novels, keep (but get packed away.) art books stay.

M is finally ready to let go of his extensive paperback collection because he's reading on kindle these days, too.

the harder calls are mine: a few treasured books that aren't available electronically. mostly poetry. I'll keep most of them and let go of a few more.

this weekend we're going to finish up painting.