tub refinishing epiphany

Today our bathtub got refinished and I had an epiphany.

Why not, instead of paying for a week vacation away from our house the first week its on the market, after which we might have to go away again (because continuous showings really aren't fun to live through) why not spend that money on taking a leap of faith and renting our new apartment/ condo/ townhouse earlier than we originally planned?

Sure, we'll have to spend a little extra out of pocket money, but as one of my friends pointed out, it would be like having an extended staycation at our new home (which will have a pool). And not having to live through showings (and being able to figure out next year's school situation earlier) and being able to swim whenever we want? Seems priceless.

(I'm going to double check with our real estate agents that they think this is a good plan.)

So, it looks like we're going to go look at the top 2 or 3 options Saturday.

After all the work we've been doing (and paying to have other people do!) I'm feeling pretty optimistic that our house is gonna sell quickly*. Maybe not as fast as our first house - which we got an offer on less than 24 hours after it was listed - but I think we'll get at least one offer in the first two weeks.

This whole adventure is a leap of faith.


I have hope. I am hoping.

We'll see what happens.

(Something amazing, I'm sure.)


* If our house doesn't get an offer by the time we leave for Peru, mid July, we were going to have to think about renting it out anyway.