gratitude oh gratitude

today I'm overflowing with personal gratitude.

(the world is as it always is. grief and joy and love and pain all mixed up, always. ebb and flow. here and there and back again. oh this beautiful, effervescent, ephemeral world. may all beings be safe and loved and whole.)

'round here it was a day of (literally) jumping for joy: we got an offer on our house!

(almost two offers, but they declined to outbid the higher offer.)

real estate being what it is, nothing is ever certain until it is certain, so we're still showing our house until after attorney review is over.


we're still moving at the end of the month. and if all goes well, closing in July. so there's still a lot to do. so much to do. and real estate is what it is. it could go south. but today, I'm grateful. today, I'm celebrating.

today, I'm jumping for joy.