this sunset, yes

I have finally moved into a place with the sunset view of my dreams.

(aside from it also being an ocean view - it's good to have future goals in mind.)

yes, this is the view from our (tiny but with such an amazing view) balcony.

there's a lot more to love about this new apartment - the soaker bathtub, for example. also central air. huge closets. an open layout. washing machine/dryer off the bathroom.

and there's of course stuff we'll work around - not nearly as much food delivery. less wall space/ room for furniture. the regular fridge. (but it does have an ice maker!)

here's life, always. ebb. flow. yes. no.

(this tub!)

(the inability to have spontaneous afternoon playdates - I'm sure we'll meet new people, but it isn't the same as the friend you've been living across the street from for years.)

and this is by design a temporary home.

after this year here, we're hoping to travel while M does his sabbatical research (interview) and writing. if we can do that, all our stuff will go in storage. it's a exciting adventure to contemplate/ plan/dream about.

but first, this year here.

with this view.

and this tub.