watching the matrix with our eleven year old

we finally introduced R to The Matrix this afternoon. it's a movie that is probably in my top five (as long as we count series as one movie). I've probably watched it over twenty times. (and I, unlike some, love the sequels.) and oh, it holds up. it keeps holding up. every time we watch it, I catch something new.

(I'm still obsessed with the colors in the film. and this time around, I'm feeling obsessed with the idea of trinity in the films. three main colors - green, red, blue. three main characters. three movies.)

R said it could be "his eleventh favorite movie" (the philosophical enui gives him pause and makes it not one of his top ten.)

given that he didn't even think he'd like it (currently he only wants to see movies that his best friend loves), I'd say that's a win.

(we saw it streaming on Netflix but we do own the entire box set, so we'll wait until after our move to see the next ones. they are of course, a lot darker, so we may also be waiting a year or two. we'll see. I'm also thinking about when to introduce my beloved Cloud Atlas to him. oh, I love sharing movies with R! I do not take it for granted. it's still a big deal that he's over the phobia he had. he's such an amazing kid!)