hope (for the future)

I'm running low on hope this decade.

I mean, between abrupt climate change (which has started), increasing fascism and awareness of injustice (the injustice has always been there, people - mostly white people - are finally starting to see it) and the unhappiness I was experiencing living in our house (stairs, the neighborhoods school, lawn care, and a general need for adventure that just doesn't seem to like living in one place for longer than 3-4 years), hope has been in short supply.

Hence my needing it as my word of the year.

We have lived in this new apartment for one week, tomorrow and already I'm feeling so grateful that we were able to make this change. It feels necessary. It feels right. It feels temporary (and that's by design - our plan is to be here for 13 months).

It feels hopeful.

And I suppose that's exactly what I needed.