it might be time (second draft)

two years and a few months later, I'm coming closer to being ready to tackle the second draft of my book.

(I was talking about it at a friend's party today. I've had some breakthroughs in some of the ideas I've been mulling over, and it might be time to sit down and hash it out. we'll see. books are interesting creatures with lives of their own.)

(I also exaggerated and said I had my funeral play list ready to go. I don't. it keeps being added to. as do the list of places I would love my ashes scattered to. but the core songs are obvious, I think.)

(Americans really don't like even thinking about death. I'd say my talking about it freely really impresses some people and creeps the hell out of others. oh well. also, don't have a conversation with me about game of thrones/asoiaf  unless you want to know all my favorite fan theories. lol)

it was a fun Sunday. a beautiful lake, yummy food and fun conversations with friends. plus I got to read a bit while M and Remy were swimming. yup. a fun Sunday.