today, I walked through the backyard of our old house for what may well be the last time. and there, on the gleaming white fence the flipper next door put up between our properties, was a mantis. wandering around.

it was vibrantly green against the white fence, so I grabbed my phone (best camera is the one at hand, yes) and picked "shoot macro" using the camera+ widget I have set up on my lockscreen.  and tried to get an interesting composition.

(I took three photos. I liked this one the best, so I edited it to add here.)

this isn't what I'd consider true macro, but what the quick  setting does is give me close up focus with an easy slider to adjust it manually if necessary. later on, in editing, I gave the photo a little texture and tweaked the exposure a bit.

a true/ great macro lens, the iPhone se is not. but my macro lens (OK, lenses! lol) and camera were at the apartment, because we were just at the old house in order to finish cleaning it out for the new owners. they'll take possession Monday, if all goes according to plan.

(hopefully all will go according to plan.)

(or the plan that needs to be accordingly hoped for.)

(the accordingly hopeful plan. yes.)

(thank you.)