notes from the road (Peru edition)

it makes such a difference to stay in a place that doesn't have constant city noise. (or where the city noise is muffled, as it was in Lima, because we were so high up). to stay in a place with no taxis or motos driving by day and night, spewing smoke everywhere.

when we stayed in Abancay on the way to Ollantaytambo, I didn't like it much. too smoggy, too noisy, too much. (the hostel was nice enough, but the blackout curtains were set back far enough from the wall that a lot of light got through and there was no hot water.)

our apart-hotel (their name) is on a quiet street. (relatively.) I like Abancay a lot more this time around.

(which makes me wonder about other cities I didn't take to immediately.)

(Bangkok, I'm thinking about you, in particular. and Amsterdam.)

 the game plan going forward (half way though) is loose. we were thinking of staying two nights near the lines (in Nazca) and two nights on the beach somewhere, but the place I want in Nazca is only available one night. so we adjust.

but first, we have to finish driving through the Andes.

(two days.)

and get a hostel tomorrow afternoon, because none of those are on expedia or airbnb.

(at the highest altitude, if we want wifi.)


and then onward.