on our new apartment

we've been settling in. getting closets organized. a zillion boxes unpacked. (three of my small office ones remain. I'm doing other spaces first.) making homes for all the things. 

our board games are now front and center in our living room. we've always played games but we're finding ourselves playing even more games lately. they're right there. it's easy. 

having the washing machine and dryer on the same level as the bedrooms again (because everything is on one level) means I am doing laundry again. I like doing laundry. I don't like carrying laundry up/down stairs. this is so much easier. 

one level also makes vacuuming easier. and putting things away. and cooking. 



and the apartment is very sound proof, which is great. I was worried about sleeping it, but it isn't a sound problem. (the across from us neighbors have a baby, which I have heard once, from the outside hallway. I couldn't hear that same cry once the door was shut. not even a little.) there was a little too much light in the morning, but I've got solutions to that issue.

we're swimming every other day, more or less. 

everyone we've met has been really friendly. 

there is one pizza place that delivers gluten free pizza. that's it. at our house we had multiple places, delivering Thai, pizza, American, Mexican. that's going to be what I miss the most. there are restaurants we can go here that are celiac friendly, but none deliver. that's OK. pick-up is an option. 

we take a little time every night to watch the sunset. sometimes it's particularly stunning, like yesterday, and then I sit on the balcony a while and soak it in. tonight? it had rained and was gray/blue with hardly any pink. I still watched for awhile. the sky fascinates me. 

tomorrow we'll go get library cards and then I'll really feel like we live here. 

(we really live here.)