remains (of the day)

today, my goal was to get us completely out of boxes.

(in one week, what!?!?)

spoiler alert: it didn't quite happen.

M stayed home and we got soooo much done! all of the living room boxes are now unpacked and the books are on the bookshelf. it is messy and needs organizing, but that's how we roll. "get rid of boxes fast and organize later."

(plus we went grocery shopping and did a lot of laundry.)

one of the big things M (aka: the tall one in our family) had to do was ceiling mount the  projector. we'd had it on a shelf behind the couch, but everytime someone stood up, they blocked the image. also that shelf seemed too precarious. mounting took a lot longer than expected because one of the mounting pieces was misplaced (I'm still not sure how it got on top of the fridge) and we had to look for that for awhile. so, between that and the laundry/ grocery shopping, I never got to my bedroom boxes.

which are the last boxes that need to be unpacked.

(there are some not unpacked but open and easily accessible boxes in Remy's closets but those will stay as they are for now/ maybe the whole year we're here.)

so all that remains are 6 boxes. 3 medium and 3 small.  mostly winter clothes, dresses and the bulk is what remains of my office/ craft room.

I'm actually not quite sure where it's all going, but I'll figure it out tomorrow. there's space, I just need to make it work and put things in places where I won't forget about them.