when dreams come true (in roundabout ways)

Lima is reminding us (a little) of San Francisco.

We're staying at a nice airbnb with this gorgeous ocean view (which, if this were SF would be prohibitively expensive; we got a deal on this place bc the pool is being remodeled. It's winter here, highs in the 60s. Not swimming weather, for me, at least.)

This whole trip is basically one big, "doesn't that sound fun?" after another. It came about because our friend A is Peruvian (he grew up here in Lima) and we asked him if he'd want to come travel with us. Since we haden't been to South America, it seemed like going where we'd have a guide/friend/interpreter was a great idea.

Then last fall, I had the idea that maybe we could road trip South America.

(My idea was to go all the way down from the US to Chile. Ambitious, yes. Doable, yes. But not being done by us, this summer, because it would be too much.)

Today, while we were figuring out how to get to Cusco (biggest city near Machu Picchu), all of the sudden, we flashed on renting a car and driving.

I looked up the car rentals and we mulled it over while we took a walk down to the beach.

(There were trucks working on the sand, so we couldn't go to the actual water.)

Aftere we got back to the airbnb, I booked our car!

It's going to be an adventure!

(Which was the whole point of this trip!)

(And of life!)