when traveling/ life sucks

another glutening. plus the affects of altitude and car exhaust on my asthma. plus, maybe getting a virus(?) from the very nice woman who checked us in yesterday who is clearly sick today. (she's losing her voice.)

and feeling every ounce of my privilege that I get to stay in the comfy bed of her pretty B&B all day (in between frantic runs to the bathroom) feeling sorry for myself and angry about the way things got "planned" today while she still had a hotel to run.

I didn't come to Peru for Machu Picchu, I came to meet the people and see the country and get a feel for its way of being. to be here. I'm sure Machu Picchu is amazing. and I wish my body had been up for it, but I wasn't. and that's life.

shit happens. literally and figuratively.

sometimes traveling isn't fun.

hopefully today was the lowest point and I can go on from here.

but who knows. that's life.