day 235

I'm more than half way through this year's 365 project (my only rule: I post daily on this blog, no photo necessary, though I usually add one). I've cheated a few times and back dated posts, but only to make up for my night owl schedule. Posting at 1:30 am would make my dates seem off, but they aren't, so I publish them as if it's 11:30 at night. Hence my dates line up. 1:30 am is still today, to me.

Night owl problems.

At this point that I'm fairly sure I won't be doing a blog based 365 prownext year and I'll go back to instagram for my daily project (which will be photo/ image based - and I'm thinking of going back to a self portrait theme), but you never know.

You never know.

I do like how much this 365 had pushed me.

(There were many times during our trip I would not have posted if I hadn't committed to a 365. So many times. And I wrote anyway. I posted a photo anyway. It really does add up. Practice adds up.)

But I'm not liking the loss of my instagram community-feel.

(Though I wonder how much of that is that I'm not posting every day and how much is the awful, terrible, no good algorithm they're using now. Ugh. Instagram should go back to being chronological! It's awful thinking someone's photo is recent and then scrolling down to find its from five days ago. And I miss important things all the time now. I do not like it.)

Anyway. It's day 235 and I just wanted to write a little about where I am in this 365 process. Meta 365ing. Because that's what I do.

That's what I do.