tidying (tikkun olam)

we rushed very hard to get everything out of the old house (and cleaned up) in the days before we left for Peru, and didn't have enough time to figure out where all the last minute things would go, which meant we came home to a compete mess.

this is in direct contrast to my usual push to tidy up before we leave, especially for extended amount of time. I don't always get everything as neat as I'd like to, but I usually try. this time around, I threw the garbage bag in the fridge, because it wasn't even 1/5 full and I didn't want to waste time taking it to the dumpster out back.

(which, FYI, not a bad plan, it worked. no garbage smell. it's just indicative of the fact that I felt completely rushed the morning we left. and got maybe two hours of sleep the night before. yikes.)

anyway, I finally felt rested and mentally ready to start tidying the apartment today. putting things away, making a "home" for everything I could.

(still needing a home: the big dyson. and my purse. and so much artwork, I cannot even.)

slowly and surely.

it'll get done.

(in between spreading anti-racism and amplifying the voices of PoC on my personal FB. I'm feeling a shift today. ebb and flow, as always and ever. tikkun olam, the healing of the world, will not be speedy or easy. but it will be. I'll keep that hope deep within me, buried though it sometimes gets. hope is an ember, embedded in my soul. shadow and light, wrapped together in fierce, primal beauty.)