a case for my essential oils!

in the house we sold this summer, I had my essential oils in the downstairs medicine cabinet, which was a sweet setup. we moved at the end of June and there's just no right spot for then in this apartment. so I did what I do best and I (re)searched a solution and found this "nail polish holder" on amazon. (make sure you choose the updated version, so that the bottles are carried upright.)

there's 36 total slots or 18 on each side - shown here is my "woody/minty/base notes" side. florals and citrus are on the other side. it turns out, I have almost exactly 36 regular size bottles of essential oils with more than a few duplicates, which means I have room to add to my collection. yay!

(why do I own three bottles of orange essential oil? well, one is from Morocco, the other two, I dunno. maybe I thought I was out?  lol. orange is one of my favorite scents, so I'll be out again soon enough.)

there's lots of other options if your essential oils are smaller, but as you can tell, most of mine are one ounce/ 30 ml NOW bottles. which it turns out, are the exact same size as the slots of this plastic carrying case.

there was also a 64 bottle option by a different company, but that's too much room for my collection to grow! this was the just right size for me.