our changing climate

summer is fading. 

the light's shifted, the leaves are turning, the flowers are blooming their last hurrah. 

this is normal. I may not like it very much, but autumn and winter are normal at my current position. 

and we're having a heat wave. and our hurricane season seems to have gone into overdrive, though we (mostly) have a respite for the moment. 

(please, donate to Puerto Rico if you can. the level of devastation there is... words fail me. it's beyond devastation.)

and let's not forget the earthquakes. oh Mexico. my heart is with you, too. 

(and donate to their relief effort.)

could a major volcano eruption be coming? they're waiting for one, in Iceland. 

there was a tiny one, in Mexico, after the earthquake. it killed at least fifteen people. 

(read Waking the Giant to connect those dots.)

and did you know this has been a record setting year in the southern hemisphere for flu? 

(get your flu shot.)

all of which, is normal and not normal. 

all of which, can be connected to the changing climate. 

(and our racist-in-chief cares more about stirring up his white supremacist base and starting a Twitter war. fucking hell.)