last May, I bought the iPad pro 9.7 to replace both my iPad mini and (sort of) my desktop. 

as a replacement for my mini, it has excelled. 

and mostly, it's replaced my desktop well. except that I cherry picked images to import from my camera instead of importing them all (and then backing them up to google photo/ amazon/ a separate hard drive). 

I bought a portable wireless hard drive to back up to, but it's been such a PITA that I used my desktop instead, last summer, and then let my images pile up, after the desktop started seriously slowing down. 

for whatever reason, I decided yesterday would be the day I rectified that situation. 

first, I thought maybe I'd give the portable hard drive another shot. 

oh, such a huge PITA! and then it froze completely. and now I've got a support ticket in but it looks like from online reports, it's bricked. I'll maybe get a warranty replacement. we'll see if that works better than the original.

so now I'm using the slow as molasses desk top to synch my photos to google photos. that's all the photos I took in Hawaii last year. all the photos from Peru. plus all the photos in between that I didn't cherry pick onto my iPad. 

it's thousands of photos. 

(I'm letting it run all night. so far, it's uploaded maybe 1/4 of what I put on there this afternoon. so. damn. slow.)

anyway, this whole thing has me thinking about systems and tools and wondering if maybe a little retooling is in order. 

but I haven't actually decided yet what to do yet. there's way too many options. 

I could try a different wireless hard drive. or try importing photos to the iPad with a dongle (instead of using the camera's wifi, which won't "select all"). 

or I could cave and replace the desktop, with either a new desktop (shiny!) or a probably more useful (but way less shiny to me) laptop. 

(the iPad is way better than any laptop.)

(but taking a desktop on sabbatical seems improbable.)

the whole thing is a connendrum. 

(which is good to occupy my anxious mind with, instead of flipping out about the escalation of 45's Twitter war.) 


anyway, enjoy the stitched together panorama I did of the coast in Paracas, Peru, courtesy of one of the synced folders from today's tech adventure.