afternoon sun

Oh, how I'm enjoying watching the sunlight in our apartment. 

Since June, the sun's position in the sky from afternoon to sunset is so different! Which I knew, theoretically, to be true, obviously, but getting to see it every day has been a revelation. I've never had this kind of vantage point, long term. It's amazing.

This is one reason I went through the difficulty of spring and summer (getting the house ready to sell, being in transition and uncertainty, waiting for it to sell). To get to this ease. 

Watching the sunset from our living room. 

I mean, I didn't know this was where I would be. But we knew what we needed. 

(A better, smaller, friendlier school district, no outside yard to have to upkeep.)

And from there, we worked our way out, to what we wanted. 

(The privilege to be able to do that is real and I hope I am leveraging that privilege in ways that ultimately help the world. Sometimes I need to just breathe and be grateful for all I have.)