fall, falling, failing

just because the air conditioner has been useful for an absurd number of days lately. 

just because the orange and red and yellow leaves are slow and pop out in bursts. 

just because I'm not sleeping very well. and I'm tired. and I'm tired of being tired. 

just because I feel snippy and annoyed and annoying and I'd rather be reading a book (but there's too many choices). 

just because I wish social media was easy again (part of my being annoyed and annoying). 

just because I'd rather be planning something more fun and I've got travel days ahead of me. 

just because I'm still parsing the fallout of all that happened this spring and summer (and last winter, too). 

just because I simultaneously wish I could be more helpful and need to hibernate into my own nest. 

just because words didn't come easily tonight and it took me too long to find a photo.

just because I knew I needed to do it anyway because I made myself a commitment. 

just because listing it all out helps, somehow, really helps, writing it out. yes.