my favorite autumnal shoes of the moment

my current favorite pair of shoes, ninja toes by the seemingly out-of-business, zemgear. sigh. I don't know what I'll do when these ones wear through. probably not replace them, and then I'll be down to only 4 pairs of shoes. that'll really freak Souster B out.

(she was shocked when I told her I only had five pairs of shoes. she and M both love shoes.)

but do I really need anything more than good sneakers, winter boots, sandals and a pretty shoe I can dress up?

no, no I do not. 

these were always extraneous shoes, but somehow, they're my favorites this week. 

(I'll be back to wearing my sneakers next week, I'm sure. they are the best. Altras, so comfy. Zero drop but not barefoot. I spent way more on them than I usually do, because I wanted comfy shoes for Disney World, and they were worth every penny.)